QuantumClean® is the Cutting Edge of Outsourced Parts Cleaning and Coating Technology

To achieve cleanliness levels required by customers, we constantly innovate and generate new process ideas and methods as well as analyze the various kinds of unique challenges that every part cleaning procedure imposes.

We take utmost care to preserve the part substrate base and coating while being effective with deposition removal. We use superior analytical capabilities involving SEM, EOX, and ICP/MS to analyze depositions and validate part cleanliness.

To ensure a constant and efficient flow of high-quality production, we employ best practices like 5S, Kaizen lean methods and other continual improvement practices. We conform to the latest ISO Quality standards, and our clean rooms meet ISO 14644 standards. Our dedicated processing areas have controlled local atmospheres to adhere to the stringent standards of cleanliness required by the micro and nano scale industries. We analyze cleaned tool parts and provide requested certificates of analysis that certify the high levels of cleanliness that we achieve. We constantly strive to satisfy our customers' needs in order to achieve the mutual benefit of process improvements derived from ongoing data correlation. This allows us to walk jointly down the evolutionary path to next generation process applications.

• Single Part Chemical Clean® (SPCC®)
• Variety of Abrasive Media Bead Blast
• V-Clean™ and VeriClean™
• CO2 Snow / Pellet
• HEPA Filtered and Vacuum Drying Ovens
• High-Temp Inert Thermal Treatment
• Hot DI Water Ultrasonic Clean
• Automated TWAS Arc & Plasma Coatings
• C-Coat™, M-Coat™, Y-Coat™ & Z-Coat™ specialized performance coatings