QuantumClean Delivers Process Improvement through Analytically Verified Clean Parts

QuantumClean® is the leading provider of high-purity outsourced parts cleaning (OPC), process tool part restoration (including recoating), surface treatment and analytical engineering services to the semiconductor and related industries. We operate technologically innovative Advanced Technology Cleaning Centers® around the globe, built on the premise of providing process improvement through consistently cleaner parts® that meet today's demanding sub-20nm requirements, dramatically reducing our customers' total cost of ownership. Our ATCC’s are ISO Certified to ISO9001-2015 Standards. 

QuantumClean's® objective is to allow our customers to focus on their core, profit-making competencies while reducing costs and removing uncertainties from their processes.

QuantumClean® is proud to be a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and champions a Conflict Free Supply Chain. Review our Conflict Free Policy.

QuantumClean® is the first outsourced process tool parts cleaner to join Sematech® to take parts cleaning and analytics to the next level and ensure preparedness for 14nm, 10nm and 7nm manufacturing processes.

Through the use of exacting less aggressive technology and customer-specific recipes, substrate composition and dimension tolerances are negligibly impacted. In fact, QuantumClean® is routinely successful in restoring to OEM specifications parts that were traditionally discarded after one or only a few process turns.